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SATURDAY, May 27th
Check In & Practice 9:00 AM
SPLASH 1 10:00 AM
Check In & Practice 11:00 AM
SPLASH 2 12:00 PM
Check In & Practice 12:30 PM
SPLASH 3 2:00 PM
Check In & Practice for Fetch-It 3:00 PM
Check In & Practice 9:00 AM
SPLASH 4 10:00 AM
Check In & Practice 11:00 AM
SPLASH 5 12:00 PM
Check-in & Practice 1:00 PM
****** FINALS ****** 3:00 PM


This event includes UAD exclusive games: Fetch-It and Chase-It. Our team will hold a demonstration of each game, followed by a hands-on practice session for those who are signed up (or are interested in signing up) before the actual event starts. We will not just throw you out there not knowing what you’re doing – we will make every effort possible to teach everyone how to handle your dogs in these great new super fun games! Please note: Fetch-It, & Chase-It are $30 if you pre-register online, and $35 on-site registration.

“FETCH-IT” is a sport that was developed by Milt Wilcox & Bill Richardson, and is only found at Ultimate Air Dogs. It is the horizontal version of a sport called “vertical”.  The rigs look very similar, but the outcome is completely opposite, whereby the dogs jump out, and not up… In other words, a very safe alternative, as well as an excellent training tool for distance jumping. Unlike the other “vertical” sports, dogs will not hit the bottom of the pool (risking serious injury) in the game of Fetch-It. UAD has done “vertical” in the past, but when we saw the horifying footage taken from the underwater camera that we placed at the bottom of the pool specifically out of curiosity to view how the dogs were landing, we immediately cancelled the sport indefinitely, and developed Fetch-It.

In Fetch-It, a bumper is suspended 4ft off the water, and starting at a minimum distance of 10ft out, the dog must knock the bumper out of it’s hold within two trys in order to move to the next level. The bumper is moved out at 1ft increments and the dog that knocks the bumper off at the furthest distance wins. It is not only a sport of endurance and skill, it also helps your dog to jump further in our regular Splashes as it trains his or her muscle memory and improves speed on the dock… and it is only found at Ultimate Air Dogs, and now as seen on TV at the ProPlan Incredible Dog Challenge!!!

“CATCH-IT” is new twist on the Ultimate Distance game (Splash). The winning team is so connected, that if the dog was a person, they would finish each others sentences! Catch-It was invented by our founder Milt Wilcox, and is only played at Ultimate Air Dogs!!! It runs the same way as a SPLASH, where two jumps for each dog are judged by 2 distance points, however the dog MUST catch the object thrown for the jump to count, as opposed to SPLASHES, where only the best jump is the score. The distance is recorded where the dog makes the catch, as well as where the dogs tail lands in the water. Each dog gets 2 back-to-back chances to make their best catch. Then, the jump distances are added together for the score. Not only is it an added challenge for the dog to catch the throw object while in mid-air, it also requires intense concentration, spot-on timing, and strategy from the handler. Catch-It is played by the most highly skilled teams. It is extremely fun to watch, and highly addicting!!!All of our sports have been a huge success for both the dogs and their handlers, as well as the fans that cheer on the dogs!

“CHASE-IT” – is a timed swimming race that ultimately proves which dog is the FASTEST DOG!!!

The dog starts at the waters edge end of the dock, so that the game is played fairly… because it’s about the fastest swimmer, and not about the dog who jumps the furthest. Chase-It is another Ultimate Air Dogs exclusive, that really gets the crowds cheering for the dogs!

Please see the full descriptions of our exciting games here!


Pre-Registration :$25 PER SPLASH, On-Site $30PER SPLASH

Pre-Registration:  $30 PER FETCH-ITand CHASE-It, On-Site $35 PER FETCH-IT, CHASE-IT

Jump prices include the use of the dock for practice 1 hour BEFORE the Splash that you are signed up for. If you would like to practice prior to that or after that, please see the secretary to pay for additional practice time.

NEW DOGS PRACTICE: If you just want to practice and do not want to compete, you can show up at the event and check in with the secretary, pay $10 per day per dog to practice between Splashes, but this is at the discretion of the RTDAD staff. If our Splashes are full, competitors that need to practice their dogs always come first. You do not need to fill out the form below if you are only interested in practicing.

Rock The Dock Air Dogs is an officially sanctioned Ultimate Air Dogs™ club, but you do not need to be a member to jump at this event.

Pre-Registration for all UAD events will close the day before the first day of the event… IF YOU DO NOT REGISTER ONLINE BEFORE THEN, YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER ON-SITE, WHICH WILL BE ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. Please pay by cash or check at the event! To register for this event, fill out the form below. To avoid form errors, please take notice of the notes marked with a “?”. Please punctuate properly. DO NOT USE ALL UPPERCASE LETTERS, and do not use all lower case letters. Directions to our Center: From Atlanta and North: Take Exit 42 off I-185 to stop sign. Turn left towards Pine Mountain and drive approximately 10 miles. At the edge of town, turn right on Butts Mill Road (at Sunoco gas station). Drive approximately one mile until you see Carriage and Horses Restaurant and then slow down as our driveway is just past the C&H Restaurant driveway on the left. Drive in approximately 500 feet and we are off to the left. From Columbus and South: Take Exit 34 (Hwy 18) off I-185 to stop sign and turn right and drive approximately 8 miles until you see the main entrance of Callaway Gardens on the right. You will turn left at that intersection (354 & 18). Highway 18 turns into Harris Street and go to stop light (Circle K on left). Turn left, go through next stop light and turn left on Butts Mills Road right after the Sunoco gas station. Drive approximately one mile until you see Carriage and Horses Restaurant and then slow down as our driveway is just past the C&H Restaurant driveway on the left. Drive in approximately 500 feet and we are off to the left.

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