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44 Responses so far.

  1. Raymond Rice says:

    Do you do day boarding? I have a one year Boston Terrier that I need care for 7:30 am to 5:30 pm next Wed. & Thurs. Thanks, RR

  2. Christy Jordan says:

    I have a 6 month old puppy who is having a hard time potty training. Which class should he take in order to get help with this?

  3. Jennifer Jones says:

    I was interested in becoming a member of your center, with all access membership due to receive discounted class rates? What vaccinations do you require?

  4. Danielle Clark says:

    Hi! I came across your site and it interested me because I would like to get my dog into agility or dock diving. I was wondering if you could explain your rates to me. They’re kind of confusing on the site. I was also wondering if it’s possible to come out and look at everything or if there are any starter classes for new dogs getting into the sports. Thanks!
    -Danielle Clark.

  5. Mary Barrett says:

    I need a schedule for puppy classes please. I am traveling to Columbus for classes and live on Pine Mountain so closer will be better. I have an Irish Water Spaniel 12 week female. I want a well trained dog and if she likes Agility events, Yea!

  6. Aron Lewis says:

    I’m writing to find out about the puppy obedience class. My dog is about three years old, and I was wondering if she would be able to take the class or if you offer another class for dogs her age?

    Thank you,


  7. Lesley Erickson says:

    Do you allow dog’s to swim for physical therapy?

  8. Brooke Emaus says:

    I’m looking for a job working with dogs. I have been working for a doggie daycare for 2 years.i love working with any breed of dog.

  9. Hey guys – we may be coming down for the Ultimate Air Dogs event at the end of the month – is there room for us to stay there on site in a 40′ Class A? We are self contained. If so may we arrive the day before to get set up? Thanks in advance – Lynn

  10. melissa saul says:

    Hi Kathleen – I sent you a note on Monday but have not heard back. Can we come at 1:30 on Sunday, May 18th? I can’t remember your schedule, so please let me know if this is OK. We have a visit that afternoon and I have a long drive to get to it (it’s in Roswell) so I wanted to try and bring them earlier so they can get their swim in and have time to dry, before our visit.

    On the 31st, I do have the library meeting that I mentioned so I would not be able to come that day, but maybe I can see if someone else can do it. What are the times of the event on Saturday?

    Thanks so much!


  11. Lindsey says:

    Hello. I just found out about your facitity. I have a 3 yr old golden lab who loves swimming. I’ve been dying to find somewhere to take him. Can you give me a bit more info, we are not looking for any type of classes. Are there any open hours to bring dogs to swim? We live about 45 min away. Is there pricing for individual visits? Any info would be great. Thanks! Lindsey

  12. Cyndy Douan says:

    Hi There,

    I am wondering if you offer pool rentals. I would like some information on that if you offer it.
    If you offer pool rentals, I would also like to know if you have a Fetch-it rig available to practice on?

    Thank You!


  13. Sam gentsch says:

    I think I could help judge, please email me dates again to confirm…phone message was hard to follow.



  14. Kayla says:

    Just wondering if the dock jumping event in August is UKC licensed with jumps counting towards UKC title ?? Thank you !!

  15. Jennifer Swann says:

    Do you offer any dock diving seminars or 1/2 day classes (preferably weekend?) for new to dock diving? I would be traveling from North Alabama and am interested in getting some instruction/practice time with my 2 labradors…

  16. DEBRA GOGEL says:

    would like to take the puppy training class that begins in August.


    I have a great pyrenees, 11 weeks old.

  17. Marilyn Burke says:

    I had my Springer, Trickett, Keswicke Quick Study, entered in all the splashes this weekend. He came dwn with kennel Cough last weekend and I kept hoping it would clear up, but he is still coughing this afternoon. So I need to pull him from the event — nobody wants me to infect their dogs. I email UAD but wanted to let you know as well. I also had a stall reserve that can now be released to someone else. I will be at your next event for sure. So while you have fun this weekend I will b at home pouting.

  18. Andrea Goodsell says:

    Hi! I have a 9m old Aussie pup, Sadie. She is my first herding breed, and I am as unschooled as she is in the ways of agility work. However, I recognize her need for a “job.” She is always chomping at the bit to learn and do new things. I would love to explore some agility training with her and see how she likes it. If she has the drive, I may even like to compete with her.

    I am not quite sure where or how to begin. Can you help point me in the right direction?

    Thanks ever so much,

    Andrea Goodsell

  19. Spring day says:

    Thank you for a wonderful dock event, however there was mention of prizes for 1st place winners. Due to the storm the event was cut short. Were there prizes?
    Thank to Spring with Brie

  20. Frank Utsch says:

    Liz, Would you send me an email with your email address? I want to send you a copy of the contract we used with Rucker. It shows what the club (Dixie Dock Dogs) provided and what Rucker was providing. Thanks, Frank

  21. Wendy Cooke says:

    Do you have RV camping available? 30amp + water? I am trying to get my calendar in order for my barn hunts and I see you have one coming up in October. I am just trying to decide on RV or hotel — would prefer to RV.

    Thank you,

    Wendy Cooke

  22. M . Mitzel says:

    Cannot say enough about the training my Labernese as well as myself received from Daisy at Big Bear. Boris far exceeded my expectations! I was hesitant to enroll since Boris was already 8 months old,Daisy was patient with both of us. Boris and I cannot thank you enough!

  23. Johnnie Frederick says:

    Hey, I was wondering when you have your puppy classes. I have a 7 week old boxer that I’m
    Interested in having put through the class.

  24. Robin Abernethy says:

    Hi there! My name is Robin Abernethy, and I’m the proud momma of a 7 month old golden retriever named Noah. We’ve beeen going to Harvards K9 for some dock diving lessons, and everyone there told me about your facility and that I need to check it out! We live in Columbus, so Pine Mountain is a pleasant drive from here.

    I’m a little unclear from your website how it all works. I see the dog park/pool combo (is that the dock diving pool, or a swimming pool within the dog park?). I see the annual memberships and monthly memberships. I see the classes, but no links to see when they start, how much they are, etc.

    I would love to learn more about everything!

    Oh – also, Noah is intact, and will remain so until 2 years old, when we will re-assess if we neuter at all. We are keeping him intact for his long term health, and the golden retriever studies that suggest that intact males are statistically less likely to develop hemangiosarcoma and lymphoma that plagues this breed. The 2 year mark is to allow his growth plates to completely close. My vet actually gave me a high 5 when I told him that we may even choose to keep him intact for life and said “it’s so refreshing to have a client who has done their homework and recognizes the health benefits of allowing their dog to keep their hormones intact for their long term health”.

    Do you have any restrictions in regards to neuter?

    I look forward to hearing from you!


    Robin & Noah

  25. Pam Foster says:

    Do you just bring your dog out for day camp? Our border collie pup is only 14 1/2 wks old – all shots up to date and ready to play.

  26. Kimberly miller says:

    I am having trouble opening the Barn Hunt premium… Can u please email it to me? Thanks!!

  27. Lynn Baitinger says:

    Hi,,,i am camping at Skidaway usland…i am from Michigan.
    Do you know of any Barnhunt places to practice in the Savannah area
    Thank you.

  28. Kristi Simmons says:

    We are going to be at your facility for the upcoming Barn Hunt trial. Will the dock diving pool be available during this time and if so can we reserve a pool time?


  29. Darrel Krupa says:

    Hi, I’m interested in signing up for the puppy class starting Sat. Dec. 12. my cell # is 678-629-6735.


  30. Destinie says:

    We have a husky named Diesel that will be two in April, and he sure is strong willed and stubborn, but we love him to death and do not want to have to find him a new home, but with a baby on the way we need to do something soon :(. He needs obidience training. I was wondering how much you guys charge?

  31. Debra Bigelow says:

    Very cool… I don’t have Facebook, but I like it!

  32. Mike Jones says:

    My wife, son and d-n-l were there Saturday around 10:30 with our Golden and we have paid for the individual 4 instructions. JB suggested the gentle leader and suggested the xtra large. When I went online to look at them the say the extra large is for dogs over 130 pounds. Jackson at best may reach 90 pounds so I am wondering if large would be better…I don’t know. I do know we want the blue in color. Just some thoughts, as I am not a pro at this.

  33. Michelle says:

    Any barn hunts scheduled? When, how do I sign up?

  34. Kate Nixon says:

    We are a group of Scottie and Westie folks who have been putting on Fala Day, and now Fala to the Rescue in Warm Springs, for over 10 years. We are interested in possibly a demonstration/introduction to Barn Hunt, with then letting our dogs take part to see if there is an interest in doing this.

    I notice you have one scheduled this weekend. How often do you have them? We would be looking at a Saturday, mid morning since many of us are coming from north of Atlanta. Any help and information will be greatly appreciated.

    On another note, would you be interested in taking part in our Fala to the Rescue event? We are always looking for things of interest to Terrier lovers, and would be happy to give you space for setting up with your information. Our next Fala to the Rescue will be Saturday, November 5, 2016. We could also have you give a talk to the crowd about some of the activities that are available to Terriers. We have folks from all over Georgia, but also the United States, and a special lady from Australia.

    Thank you for any help you can give us.
    Kate Nixon

  35. Aron Lewis says:

    Hey Girls:

    I have a couple of questions. I think that I’ve told you guys that Grace has a new friend. The puppy is a year old now, and we’re having a little trouble with aggression (ironically, the puppy is starting to be aggressive, not Grace). I’ve started to have to close her up during the day so Grace isn’t hurt. This sort of defeats the whole purpose of getting a puppy so Grace wouldn’t be alone so much. I think the problem might be unused energy. So, I was wondering:

    1. Do you girls still offer doggie day camp?
    2. If you do, on what days and times?
    3. Also, what is the cost?

    I hope that you both are doing well.



  36. Rose Ruschman says:

    I have previously registered for splashes and other dock events this weekend but just added the Saturday 10 AM splash… thanks!

    Rosie Ruschman & Ellie

  37. Margaret Shappard says:

    do you ever offer herding instinct testing and/or training ?

    • admin says:

      I came across your message today and apologize for the delay. These usually come across to my email but for some reason yours did not. Yes, we do offer herding, both instinct testing and training. Please contact our herding instructor, Jane, at 706-996-0779 for further information.

  38. Leah Smith & Luke says:

    Good afternoon, I can’t find my splash times that I entered for mext weekend’s event.

    Can you let me know please

  39. Martha Chewning says:

    At the Humane Society of Harris County’s Puttin’ On the Dog today, I am the lucky person who was highest bidder on the pink kennel and goodies therein. Just wanted to say thank you for your contribution and for the thoughtfulness that went into the selection of both the kennel and all the goodies therein.

  40. Ralph Paba says:

    Hey Guys,

    Are you having a Rock the dock event this weekend, or the 30th, or both? Thanks

    Ralph & Yola

  41. Hilary D says:


    I am really interested in getting my dogs into dock jumping! Do you classes have a specific schedule or can you join in on classes at any time?
    How often do you do dock jumping classes? They have never done it before.

    Also curious about your agility classes. One of my dogs has a little experience in agility and he loves it!

    • admin says:

      Hi Hilary, I came across your message today that apparently did not come through previously. We have ongoing dock jumping classes, one presently on Monday evening at 6 PM which you can join at any time. The cost is $150 for six classes or $30 per class. We also offer agility, currently we have a Beginning Agility on Thursday at 9 AM. Again I apologize for not seeing your message before. Call if you have questions at 706-663-7005

  42. Tommy LeTard says:

    We are traveling to Callaway Gardens for the owners meeting arriving Friday afternoon. I cannot find my notes but had spoken with a woman who lives in CG. I am bringing my 21/2 yo fox red labrador in hopes of getting a class with the jumping pool. We will be in town until Sunday midday.
    Please let me know if and when we can arrive. I have read the FAQ and will bring leash, paperwork, fav toy and a very energetic water-loving pooch. My number is 228-596-2177

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